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Tady jsem našel tohle, snad to pomůže:
"Defeating miraak poses a problem to all those who are fighting him because of some sort of bug. Its so annoying because you cant just kill him fast. It took me at least an hour to figure this out because Miraak kept on becoming ethereal in the middle of the level where youre fighting him after you give him a beatdown (thats really quick),that means that you cant damage him and he stands there and does nothing,so does the 2-3 dragons flying around. i soon found out that other people also have sort of the same issue but i think i figured it out

1. Take your sweet time and let him talk while fighting,because he has a lot of things to say like ," youre stronger than i expected..blah blah" or " the greybeards taught you well", or "hermeaus mora will betray you like he did to me". All in all, run around and let the dude speak.
2. Punch him in the face. Do not use powerful weapons because he will die quickly and you dont want that.
3. If you let him talk and fight for awhile,the dragons will soon come down and fight you,kill them one after another. All there will be left is miraak without any dragonsouls to absorb.
4. If youre really paranoid because of the bug, save after you kill a dragon during the battle just in case something goes wrong.
5. All in all, Take your sweet but cheek time, let the guy say everything he has to say during the fight, and hermit mora will take care of the rest.

I hope this helps anyone who has trouble with it."

EDIT: Jj, to on se zraněnej portne doprostřed, udělá se nezranitelným a pak vysaje životní sílu z draka.

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