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Přidal fulo77 dne 09.11.2012 19:40

Nellietka napsal:
Bohužel, když načtu uložení předtím, třeba od začátku, kdy vstoupím do hradu, tak se to děje znova :(

toto som nasiel, skus nieco z toho:
If the NPCs stop talking and the player is unable to talk, the player should exit his seat or it will be impossible to continue the creation of the treaty. PC players may use "setstage mq302 300" after the NPC's are seated at the table to complete the quest. Talking to Esbern should continue the quest after that.

If the meeting does not start after the Dragonborn has taken a seat, staying seated and waiting 24 hours will trigger the meeting. If it still does not trigger, all guests should sit down after 5 to 10 minutes of real time. Or leave High Hrothgar and then come back.

If Esbern is not talking, he should be disabled then enabled, by opening the console, clicking on him, then typing "disable" and "enable", repeating every time Esbern stops walking around his seat. This might need to be done several times, after each dialogue of the present persons. Sometimes the console command "setstage mq302 300" will not work.